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Nepali Christian songs. Feb 1, 2001 10,000 Hindus are turning to Islam. An eastern Himalayan nation of 26 million., 47% Hindu, 42% Buddhist, 10% Muslim, 3% Christian. There are three religious groups: Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kathmandu, Nepal. Feb 1, 2003 It has been estimated that more than 99% of Nepali Indians are Hindus.. (See historical sources.) Of the population of twenty million Nepali Indians, only five to six thousand are Christians, . . Nepal-Christian convert Bhagirath Prasad Rout.Christians are a minority in Nepal. . August 11, 2011. The Kathmandu-based Nepal Christian Development Foundation, an ecumenical Christian nonprofit, is launching a grassroots campaign to reach out to 1,000 new Christians per month. . Jan 12, 2017. Nepal Tourism Board. Category:Nepalese people by religion Nepal Category:Nepal religion-related lists Category:Religion in NepalUnderstanding the Lasting Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury A History of Traumatic Brain Injury in NC Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the head is injured and causes brain damage. Common causes of TBI include car accidents, sports injuries and falls. While many people experience symptoms immediately after an injury, others may be symptomatic months or years later. A TBI can change a person’s life and that of their family, impacting their self-confidence, their work, and their family life. The American Academy of Neurology supports research to help people affected by TBI. Signs and Symptoms There are several symptoms of a TBI. Common symptoms include: Headache Memory loss Blurred vision Changes in speech Anxiety Depression Poor concentration Lack of coordination Irritability People with a TBI may also have trouble performing tasks and may exhibit inappropriate behaviors or mood swings. More than 10,000 people are injured by TBI each year in North Carolina. The most common locations of injury are the head and neck, followed by the upper extremities. Causes and Risk Factors A TBI is caused by external force that is directed at the head or head


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